Aysgarth and District Parish Council

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Thoralby, Bishopdale and Newbiggin

These are two separate parishes: Thoralby and Bishopdale; and Newbiggin. Thoralby, with its village hall, shop and post office, provides a focal point for community life in Bishopdale - but all the activities usually held in the village have been affected by the Covid-19 pandemic.

There is a pub in Thoralby and another at Street Head, where there is also a caravan site. The village fete is usually a fun day for the whole family. In normal times it is held on the second Sunday in August with the fancy dress competition and children’s sports being held on the village green. There are also various stalls and a tombola, and teas are served in the village hall. Below: Looking across Thoralby green towards Aysgarth Pasture.


Throughout the year there are usually many activities in the village hall, the regulars being Keep Fit on Thursday evenings and bowls on Friday nights. The WI meets there on the third Tuesday of the month, and organises a soup and sweet lunch every second Thursday. The villagers look forward to when these events can be held again. The chair of the village hall committee is Rosie Burton (663139).

When it is possible to book the village hall contact Neil Piper, 01969 663747. 

Also see Thoralby Through Time for historical information about the township of Bishopdale which includes Thoralby and Newbiggin. Below: By the beck (and waterfall) at Newbiggin.


Village Hall

Events are either cancelled or postponed. The situation will be reviewed after the restrictions imposed due to the Covid-19 pandemic have been eased.

 Parish Meeting

Draft minutes of Thoralby Parish Meeting, March 2020